STEM Incubator Projects

STEM Incubator Projects

The Science, Technology and Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Incubator Projects component of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) focuses on socio-economic development, with entities able to earn up to 5 B-BBEE points for spending 1% of their net profit (after tax) on contributions that directly benefit Black People. Education is recognised as a core initiative for socio-economic development.

Star Schools and SET are verified partners for socio-economic development, and more than 75% of the value of benefits accrues to Black People, making any SED contributions fully recognizable for this element.

Our training, development, and coaching models align with both the requirements and spirit of the law, which places emphasis on educational activities.

STEM Projects

As a registered non-profit organization (NPO),
we are also able to issue an S18a tax certificates for any
individual, STEM, or SED donations received.


B-BBEE Benefits Of Partnering With Star Schools & SET

By partnering with Star Schools and SET, organizations can not only meet their B-BBEE requirements, but also make a meaningful contribution to socio-economic development and education in South Africa. The NPO status of Star Schools and SET enables organizations to receive full recognition for their contributions towards B-BBEE elements such as Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development.

In addition, organisations can direct their SED spend to initiatives that directly benefit Black People and receive full recognition for their contributions. This not only helps organizations meet their B-BBEE obligations, but also support initiatives that align with their values and goals.

With over a decade of experience in B-BBEE and a proven track record of strong governance and fiscal management, Star Schools and SET are reliable and trustworthy partner for organisations looking to meet their B-BBEE requirements while making a positive impact in the community.

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