Frequently Asked Questions

Is star schools a part-time or full-time school?

Star Schools is a part-time school that offers the following programmes:
  • Matric Rewrite (National Senior Certificate) to learners who wish to improve their matric marks;
  • TVET College -Technical Vocational Education and Training college. Class offered are in the higher certificate qualifications.

Does star schools offer online courses?

  • Matric Rewrite classes are done face-to-face.
  • Technical & Vocational courses can be done online (selected courses only)

I did not finish my matric but wish to do so now. Can star schools help me?

Learners can opt to do an IT qualification in our TVET College at NQF Level 4. To find out of you qualify we will need a copy of your ID, last standard achieved and workplace experience (if any). A pre-assessment will be done prior to registration.

I matriculated in 2008, is it possible to rewrite with star schools?

Yes, you can be registered and write with Star Schools Under NSC rewrite programme. Anyone who has completed their matric from 2008 to date has a valid SBA Mark.

Do I have to rewrite all my matric subjects?

Learners are at liberty to choose which subjects they want to register, provided they appear on the matric statement of results, a learner can be registered for 1-6 subject(s)

 May I register to write the exam only?

Yes, you may, the option is available for subject(s) we offer tuition for. (Correct answer)

Can I rewrite the subject(s) that i never did in my matric?

No, in Star Schools’ NSC rewrite programme, you can only be registered for the subjects you did in your Matric year.

Where and how do I combine my results?

The Department of Education (DBE) is responsible for combination of results, There are 4 matric statuses available, completely failed, higher certificate, diploma, and bachelor status, The DBE only combines your results if the upgrade results put you in a position to obtain the next status, for example if previously you had a higher certificate after upgrading the new results qualifies for you to obtain a bachelors status, the DBE will combine for you. If you have a bachelor’s status, the DBE will not combine as this is the highest matric status available. The learner will use 2 certificates or matric statement for applications.

If you have completely failed matric, then rewrite and pass those subjects, you must then request the DBE for combination of results, as to which status you will land at, it will be determined by how you have passed from your Matric statement of results and your Rewrite statement of results.

What happens to my old results if I upgrade, and my results do not improve?

Nothing, the new results does not cancel out the old results, the learner can choose which results she/he wants to use, both results belong to the learner.

Can I write my supplementary exams with star schools?

No, because supplementary exams are guided by the set of rules that mostly appear at the back of your statement of results.

Does star schools accept modulated learners?

Yes, on condition that you provide evidence that you have done and finished your SBA marks from the DBE.

If a learner already has a centre to write with at end of the year exams, can a learner only attend classes at star schools?

Yes, provided that the learner brings a proof of registration from the other centre and the learner will pay the same fees as the learner who will be writing with Star Schools.

Where are matric rewrite exams written?

All exams are written in Star Schools, only in exceptional circumstances where selected Star Schools NSC exams are written at the outside venue, the affected learners will be notified in time.

Does star schools offer accommodation?

No, Star Schools Braamfontein campus is situated close to the Wits University and other educational institutions. Within the area there are many student accommodation facilities.

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