BBBEE Models

Skills Audit

In any organization, identifying and addressing competency gaps and skill mismatches is critical to maintaining a successful operation.

To achieve this, a skills audit is the first step in creating an effective skills development solution. MYSTAR ensures that your intended skills development expenditure is met, preventing any potential overspending, or overlooked gaps.

The proposed solution from MYSTAR will benefit both the organisation and its employees. In today's rapidly changing environment, a company's success is largely determined by its ability to continually identify and address important training needs.

Regular skills audits and upskilling opportunities lead to increased job satisfaction, internal growth, and a culture of continuous self-driven learning for employees.

MYSTAR is dedicated to helping organizations reach their full potential through effective skills development solutions.

Skills Development Workshops Include:

An explanation of the Skills Development
Scorecard, and information on why learnerships
are better for B-BBEE scores.


Learner Sourcing & Placement

Despite significant efforts from both the government and private sector, disparities in education and employment persist in South Africa.

To address these challenges, Learner Sourcing & Placement aims to help companies find suitable candidates for upskilling and internal placement, ultimately addressing internal workforce shortages while providing opportunities for underrepresented B-BBEE candidates.

Learner Sourcing & Placement involves sourcing unemployed B-BBEE aligned candidates, including both unemployed learners and those with disabilities. These candidates are selected based on Economically Active Population (EAP) targets at the provincial or national level.

At Star Schools (Pty) Ltd and MYSTAR, our goal is to help companies successfully place their learners in long-term, suitable positions at the conclusion of their learnership.

This service is essential for ensuring our students receive full-time employment. Companies that utilize this service are empowered with access to well-qualified candidates to fill key role gaps. By supporting Learner Sourcing & Placement, companies can contribute to closing the educational and employment disparities in South Africa.

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