On August 14, 2019


As the year comes to an end and the Matriculants prepare for their final exams, the time to prepare for examinations and push harder than yesterday and focus on your strengths than weaknesses
Here are a few tips that will help during these last few weeks towards the exams:
Exam tip #1:
Plan your exam
The first thing to do after receiving your question paper is to read over the entire exam. Spend at least 15 minutes reading before starting to write anything. In this time, work out which questions you are going to answer, in which order you are going to answer them and how much time to spend on each question.

Exam tip #2:
Do the easiest question first
You can answer exam questions in any order, provided they are numbered clearly. Do the easiest one first. There are two reasons for this:
• Getting one question safely under the belt at the start of the exam will boost your confidence.
• This easy question is likely to take less time, which means you will be ahead of schedule from the start.

Exam tip #3:
Look carefully at the mark allocations
If four marks are allocated to a question, there are probably four points/facts that need to be mentioned.

Exam tip #4:
Think more, write less
Marks will not given just because you filled empty pages. A well-constructed answer, using only relevant information, is far more valuable to the examiners.

Exam tip #5
Don’t get stuck, move on
If you hit a blank, move on. Start answering another question. When you’re done, go back to the question you were struggling with. It’s amazing how often the answers suddenly become clear.

Exam tip #6
Use limited time wisely
You still need to do two questions, but only have time for one. What should you do? Do the first half of both of them. You earn more marks at the start of a question than at the end.

Exam tip #7
Don’t leave early
The only possible reason for doing this is when you are absolutely sure that you have got 100%, and this almost never happens. Use the spare time to check that you have answered all the questions thoroughly and that they are numbered correctly and clearly. If you’re not sure if an answer is correct, trust your instincts.

Exam tip #8
Avoid pre- and post-exam discussions
Discussing content before an exam can increase your stress levels and break your confidence. Rather focus on what you know. Once you’ve handed in your paper, there is nothing more you can do. Put the exam behind you and start studying for the next one.
Exam tip #9
Take a break from social media, to focus on your school work
The amount of distraction that comes from Social media can be too much, that you may lose focus on the very important things. Taking a break from social media can boost productivity and only settling down and getting on with your revision is the best to get the best results.

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