Matric Rewrite graduate flies to the stars

On February 15, 2019

Matric Rewrite graduate flies to the stars

After improving her mathematics and science marks on the 2016 Star Schools-Zenex Foundation Matric Rewrite Programme, Kuhlekonke Ndzunga was awarded a bursary and is now studying to become a pilot.

“My experience with Star Schools was the best,” she recalls. “We received so much support from the educators and the school atmosphere was great.”

“I would definitely recommend the programme to other learners,” she continues. “The educators don’t have a you-must-know-this-because-you-did-it-before approach to teaching. Rather, they encourage you every day to do better and be better, while teaching you new approaches to studying and exam questions.

“The Star Schools Matric Rewrite Programme is definitely where every learner who wants to improve their marks should be. It’s the best decision anyone can make for their future.”

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