Let your CSI spend make a real difference in under-resourced communities

The Star Schools Incubator programme enables organisations to sponsor selected learners at under-resourced schools in the communities in which they operate, as part of their Corporate Social Investment portfolio.

The learners are exposed to high-quality educational materials and instruction in English, mathematics, physical science and accounting, thus enabling them to pass their examinations at levels with which they can further their education at a tertiary institution. The programme is geared to directing learners on an intended career path such as engineering, IT or financial services. Career guidance instruction is also provided.

Because learners are matched to the skills profile of the sponsor organisation, the programme essentially develops future employees who meet the organisation’s specific business requirements.

Additionally, talent pipelines are created in that learners can feed into the sponsor organisation’s bursary scheme, thus addressing community needs for individual development. This holistic strategy aims to produce well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the emotional and intellectual adjustment needed to study and succeed at a tertiary institution.

Considerable emphasis is placed on making the most out of the available budget. The programme is customised to suit the needs of each sponsor and learner and is scalable from a single learner to a maximum of 50 per class, per grade. This ensures that the highest level of instruction and support is maintained.

Learners attend a mix of Saturday classes and intensive holiday, revision and pre-exam preparation sessions. Benchmark assessments are conducted during induction into the programme and formal assessments are done every quarter thereafter. Learners are also engaged in continual informal assessments. Sponsors receive detailed quarterly reports highlighting learner progress.

The results speak for themselves

Star Schools has achieved unequalled success in providing learners with access to high-quality part-time education through its Incubator programme. Since its inception, the average pass rate achieved by learners is 95%. Additionally, an average of 75% have achieved university entrance.

Star Schools learners who are accepted into tertiary institutions tend to remain there until the end of their studies. They do not contribute to the 80% dropout rate statistic for first year students. The main reason for this is that they are relatively well versed in English, and understand the importance of time management and that hard work and commitment lead to success.

Why get involved?

The leaders of tomorrow need education and nurturing today. Many academically gifted learners drop out of high school because their parents cannot keep up with the rising cost of education.

A sponsored Incubator programme means that not only can skills be grown from a young age, and talent pipelines created for study towards careers in mining, engineering or accounting, but that entrepreneurship can also be encouraged. The funding provides a platform to address the shortfall of educational interventions within a chosen community.

The twofold benefit of the Incubator programme is that it equips learners with the confidence and skills they need to believe in their dreams and work towards a career which will sustain themselves, their families and their communities.





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