Zenex-sponsored learners get practical at Sci-Bono

On September 10, 2018

Zenex-sponsored learners get practical at Sci-Bono

There’s nothing like a visit to a laboratory to get children excited about science, especially when that visit includes a fun experiment.

When learners on the Star Schools Matric Rewrite Programme sponsored by the Zenex Foundation heard that they would be visiting the physical sciences laboratory at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre they were thrilled.

Sci-Bono is a world-class science centre that supports maths, science and technology education and offers innovative, dynamic learning experiences that contribute to building South Africa’s science, engineering and technology capacity.

“The learners had great fun dressing in their white lab coats and protective gear to carry out a three-hour experiment on titration,” relates Star Schools Matric Rewrite programme administrator Brenda Shezi.

“The experiment, which forms part of their final exams, involved performing a quantitative analysis to determine the concentration of a base by reacting it with a standard acid. The experiment is especially important for those learners wishing to pursue a BSc degree at university, as they will be exposed to the same experiment in their first year of studies.”

The learners were then treated to a tour of Sci-Bono and got to play fun and informative games about electricity and the continents.

“Everyone had a wonderful time,” says Brenda.

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