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Ace Grade 9 Maths Programme (Saturday School supplement)

The Ace Programme offers supplementary classes in mathematics for Grade 9s. The classes will take place every Saturday from 5 October to 2 November 2013. The duration of each class will be four hours, during which learners will revise what they learnt at school the previous week. Special attention will be paid to problematic areas of the syllabus where learners are known to struggle.

Saturday School

The Saturday School programme is for learners currently in the school system. Educators follow the scheme of work as prescribed by the Department of Education.

The purpose of the saturday class is to revise what learners have learnt at school during the week, paying special attention to problematic areas of the syllabus and sections that learners are known to toil with.

Learners are assessed in June on the Saturday School programme in order to identify which areas of the syllabus are still proving to be a struggle, allowing ample time for remedial attention

Matric Re-write Programme

The Star Schools Matric Re-write programme has increased the opportunity for learners to improve their marks post the National Matriculation Examinations. The outcomes of the Star Schools Matric Re-write programme constitute gains for education and can be measured on the three following cornerstones:

The Programme is specifically designed to:

1. Support learners who have been unsuccessful in achieving the required symbols for access into tertiary.
2. Assist learners who will normally fall by the wayside by giving them a second chance to gain a national senior certificate pass.

Learners need only focus on particular subjects needed. Educators prepare learners to write their examinations by:

Concentrating on past paper methodologies
Concentrating on problematic sections that learners historically struggle with
Concentrating on sections which carry a high mark value in the final paper
The learners CASS/SBA mark is carried over from when they originally wrote grade 12 therefore the main intent is to prepare learners for the final paper.
Learners are awarded with the Umalusi approved Statement of Symbols and Matric Certificate on completion of their final examination.

Our success

  Matric Psdd Rate University Entrances
2009 2010 2009 2010
Starschools Average 91.0% 98.0% 58.0% 75.0%
NAtional Average 60.6% 67.8% 19.0% 23.5%

Incubator School Programme

Our flagship initiative, the Incubator School Programme enables organisations to use their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) in a way that addresses both their own business needs and one of the country's national upliftment priorities: the skills shortage crisis.

Through the programme, your organisation can sponsor high-potential learners at under-resourced schools in the communities around you. These learners are exposed to the high-quality educational materials and instruction they need to achieve success at both Matric and University level.

We match the learners to the skills profile of your organisation so that the programme is, effectively, developing future employees from the communities that surround you, while also responding to the country's critical skills shortfall.

Although the focus is on meeting your specific requirements and directing learners on an intended career path – for example, engineering, IT or financial services – learners are also given life orientation and career guidance instruction. This holistic strategy aims to produce well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the emotional and intellectual adjustment needed to study and succeed at a tertiary institution.

The programme is customised to suit the needs of each sponsor and learner. The focus is on getting the most out of the available budget and making each rand count. The programme can scale up from a single learner, although class sizes are restricted to 50 learners per class, per grade, to ensure the very highest level of instruction and support is maintained.

A mix of Saturday classes and intensive holiday, revision and pre-exam preparation sessions are used to meet the needs of learners. Benchmark assessments are conducted during induction into the programme and every quarter thereafter. Detailed reporting is also provided quarterly to sponsors highlighting learner progress.

Programme at a glance

• Address your CSI needs and the country's critical skills shortage

• Sponsor learners at under-resourced schools in local communities

• Develop high-potential citizens and future employees

• Help learners successfully bridge gap between Matric and University

• Over 25 organisations already benefiting from incubator schools

• Programme can be customised to suit any budget and skills profile

Educator Incubator Programme

Top quality teaching is a critical component in the success of the Incubator Schools and educator development is a critical area of need throughout the school system. Consequently, we also offer a peer education programme to transfer educator skills to teachers from the incubator school to the feeder schools around it.

The programme not only aims to benefit those learners in the region not attending the Incubator School, but to also empower educators in the feeder schools to achieve even higher levels of service excellence.

Educator incubator programmes engage educators in a 26 hour workshop with a focus on coaching and supporting them. The programme also facilitates and exposes educators to technology and its potential in the classroom.

Our success

  National Average Starschools' Average
Maths 47.4% 90%
Physical Science 47.8% 93%
Accountancy 62.8% 94%
English 82.1% 99%

Why get sponsors involved?

Businesses cannot be sustainably successful if the society in which they are operating is failing. As a result, business has a vested interest in helping future generations of South Africans to achieve their potential.

Business also has a pivotal role to play. By reaching out to communities and building bridges of opportunity, companies are developing future employees, service providers and customers – and starting a virtuous circle of growing prosperity.

Contact us to find out how you can help us break the cycle of unemployment and poverty by investing in education.


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Saturday School

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Matric Rewrite Programme

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Incubator School Programme

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Educator Incubator Programme

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