Star Schools is a part-time school that offers the following programmes:
  • Matric Rewrite (National Senior Certificate) to learners who wish to improve their matric marks;
  • Amended Senior Certificate to learners who wish to complete or improve their high school education;
  • Extra tuition to full-time school learners in grade 10, 11 and 12.
All fees are to be paid in full prior registration. Applications for financial assistance can be made to Fundi. Proof of payment must be presented on registration. Copies of proof of payment are not permitted.
No, learners must arrange their own accommodation, if required.
Star Schools does not offer online courses.
Yes, Star Schools’ Amended Senior Certificate programme enables adults who did not complete their high school education, or failed their matric examination, to obtain their school leaving certificate and thus further their education if they so choose.
As the Amended Senior Certi­cate currently does not allow candidates to obtain university endorsement, candidates who write the Amended Senior Certifi­cate examinations may apply for an age exemption through Universities South Africa/Higher Education South Africa (HESA) as an interim measure until the university admission requirements are approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
Learners who wish to complete the Matric Rewrite programme must do so within three years of matriculating. Alternatively, they may register for the Amended Senior Certificate programme.
No, you may only register to rewrite subjects you completed in matric. You may register to rewrite up to a maximum of five subjects.
This option is only available on the Amended Senior Certificate programme. Tuition is compulsory for candidates who register for the Matric Rewrite programme.
Saturday School classes start in February.
Matric Rewrite classes start in March.
More information is available on the relevant website page.
The days you are required to attend class will depend on the subject(s) you registered for and the centre at which you registered, as indicated on your timetable.
Amended Senior Certificate exams are written in May and June. Matric Rewrite exams are written in October and November.
Most are written at Star Schools’ Braamfontein offices, but where large numbers of learners must be accommodated (English, mathematics and science) the Nasrec Expo Centre is utilised.
All exams are written at Star Schools’ Braamfontein offices.
Learners may collect their results from Star Schools’ Braamfontein offices. Please bring your ID document and student card with you.
Learners can access their results online through the National Department of Basic Education’s website. Websites such as News24 also allow learners to register to receive their results via SMS. Learners must, however, collect their statement of results from the centre at which they registered for the examinations.