2017 Incubator Programme achieves full marks

On January 20, 2018

2017 Incubator Programme achieves full marks

Besides achieving a 100% pass rate in the final National Senior Certificate exam, an impressive 85% of the 637 learners on the 2017 Star Schools Incubator Programme achieved a bachelor pass.

“We are extremely pleased with these results,” says national operations manager Andrea Pratten. “While the pass rate for the Incubator Programme has been consistently high for the last seven years – averaging around 98%, which is well above the national pass rate of 63% for the same period – the achievement of a 100% pass rate constitutes a significant milestone for the programme and one of which Star Schools is exceptionally proud.”

In addition to the high number of bachelor passes (540 in total), 12% or 76 learners achieved a diploma pass. “This means that no fewer than 616 learners (or 97%) qualified to study at a tertiary institution,” Pratten declares.

The pass rate per subject was also high, she adds. “A 100% pass rate was achieved in English, while 98% was achieved in mathematics and physical sciences, respectively. It is also worth noting that 73 learners obtained a distinction in English, 93 in physical science and 84 in mathematics.”

The Star Schools Incubator Programme enables organisations to use their corporate social investment funds to sponsor selected learners at under-resourced schools in the communities in which they operate. The learners are exposed to high-quality educational materials and instruction in English, mathematics and physical sciences, thus enabling them to pass their examinations at levels with which they can further their education at a tertiary institution.

“The focus on mathematics and physical sciences is deliberate as these subjects are named as priority subjects in the Sector Plan for Basic Education,” Pratten explains. “English is included because proficiency in this subject not only benefits all other subjects, but also the learner’s ability to meet the demands of tertiary education.

“The Incubator programme is specifically designed to interrogate foundational gaps in the subjects addressed, plug these and take learners on an academic journey which provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to cross the bridge from basics to cognitively demanding content,” she continues. “Besides exposing the learners to high-quality educational materials and tuition, career guidance instruction is also provided.”

“The end-result is a holistic programme which places learners on a sound educational footing and empowers them to make informed choices about their future.”

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